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Disconnect to re-connect with yourself

Everything here is prepared for the well-being of our clients. Learn to listen to body and mind with our complimentary yoga sessions for our guests. Enjoy the serenity of the island in our more than 40 hectares of Mediterranean landscape on the estate, and let yourself be enveloped by the nature that surrounds us. Find harmony with yourself with the help of our yoga professionals.

Hatha Yoga: the most popular style practised in the West and the source most types of yoga we know derive from. Hatha Yoga is known as physical yoga and is perfect for beginners. Hatha Yoga classes have a traditional approach, with poses that gradually increase body control, flexibility and strength. At the same time, students become aware of their breathing and get an introduction to several meditation techniques. So, each session finishes with a 10-minute relaxation or meditation to recover, connect with the effects of the practice and take a moment to relax completely. Hatha Yoga is a very well-rounded practice, combining strength, flexibility, breathing, concentration and relaxation. This makes it perfect for helping control anxiety and stress.  

For an even greater experience, consider our Serena Yoga Retreat of four days and three nights.