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What the press say about us...

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Condé Nast Glamour

“The wines of Finca Serena taste like summer in every sip.”

Condé Nast Traveller

“ It has the bucolic air of a wonderful religious retreat.”

Class Paper

“Nature and five-star gastronomy in the Pla de Mallorca, along with a spa recognized as Spain's finest”

Elle Deco

“The spectacular renovation of a 17th-century Catalan farmhouse. Paintings by the renowned artist Jose Maria Sert. A beautiful harmony complemented by a spa and a swimming pool.”

Condé Nast Traveler

“Best Mallorca hotel for: getting back to nature ”

El Mundo Viajes

“Where to stay: from a sea of leaves to a serene and extensive estate. In Mallorca, Finca Serena offers a high-end getaway”

Viajar. El Periódico

“Qué paz. Estas palabras se repiten como un mantra”

Mallorca Sunshine Radio

“If you need a serving of serenity with your lunch or dinner, Jacaranda (...) is the place to find it”


“Escondido en Mallorca, puede presumir de albergar el restaurante Jacaranda: (...)un regalo para los sentidos”

Fashion & Arts

“If you seek to lose yourself, here you'll learn to find yourself”


“Embrujo isleño. El lujo de lo sencillo se fusiona con la calma(...)””


“Everything about the place is relentlessly soothing”

Objetivo bienestar

“La cita dedicada a la práctica del yoga y de la meditación, (...) se repite un par de veces al año, (...) en este precioso enclave de la isla de Mallorca.”


“Finca Serena ha organizado Serena Cycling Stage, una experiencia única para los amantes de la dos ruedas”

The Jetsetter

“This is a place where love stories are made”

El Viajero/El País

“¿Cómo se puede derrochar tanta elegancia?”

West of The City

“Finca is the ultimate in European luxury retreats”

Travel and Leisure

“Beyond peace and quiet, the 100-acre property provides much of the charm that often gets squeezed out of more congested coastal resorts”

Arquitectural Digest

“A private (and luxurious) refuge in the more unknown Mallorca”

Arquitectural Digest

“The interior design is an example of how to mix countryside tradition and modernity”

Recommend Magazine

“Wellness-minded travellers can take advantage of more than three miles of pathways around the estate and yoga classes led by the onsite wellness team”

Travel for Senses

“Mallorca is an island that has it all. Finca Serena is a reflection of this unique diversity and rich traditions”

Conde Nast Traveller ES

“The hotel reinventing luxury in Mallorca”

La Vanguardia

“Finca Serena, a new dream hotel in Mallorca”


“A bridge of luxury and simplicity, Finca serena, is a lesson in Zen; a peaceful retreat where calmness and privacy reign supreme”


“Fruit, trees and vegetable gardens provide pickings for the breakfast table and the on-site restaurant, Jacaranda”


“A new luxury hotel located on 40 hectares of beautiful Mediterranean gardens”

Imagine Magazine

“You're bound to reconnect with your inner self here”

Arquitectural Digest

“El lujo de la simplicidad”

Conde Nast Traveller ES

“It promises to become one of the model references on the island”

Arquitectural Digest

“Walking paths weave amid olive, lemon, pine, cypress, and jacaranda trees; lavender fields; vineyards and gardens”

Elle Decor Russia

“Balance between the traditional aspects of classical finca and the aesthetics of resort luxury that Majorca demands”

The Telegraph UK

“The Clue really is in the name”


“Feels like a slice of Mediterranean paradise”