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Yoga holidays in Mallorca

Your hotel with yoga in Mallorca.


We all feel the need to recharge from time to time. And we must do so, not only because it is pleasant, but for our physical and mental health. That’s the reason why Finca Serena Mallorca offers different options for the well-being of its guests.


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Free yoga sessions in Mallorca.


The Hotel Finca Serena Mallorca offers free yoga sessions in the Balearic Islands for its guests. Here, you can disconnect from the outside and connect with your inside.


An atmosphere for disconnection and meditation in Mallorca


This place has 100 acres of landscapes and tranquility in the island’s center. In this calm and natural environment, you can enter a deep state of peace and relaxation while exercising your body, erasing all stress and negative thoughts from your mind.


Combine Spa sessions with Yoga in Mallorca


If yoga is not enough, you can mix it with an immersive spa experience of beauty treatments and massages at ÚnicoSpa. Enjoy your stay at our hotel with spa and yoga in Mallorca, the perfect combination of health and well-being.


Yoga Retreat in the Balearic Islands


From time to time, we organize the Serena Yoga Retreat of 4 days and 3 nights, with nothing but calm, happiness and great lessons to heal your mind, body and spirit.


Fill out this form and request information about the next dates of our yoga retreat in Mallorca.


What do you need to practice Yoga at Finca Serena Mallorca?


Contrary to what many think, yoga is an activity that everyone can do, as it adapts easily to the physical conditions and limitations of any person.


Yoga is accessible even for the elderly, overweight and pregnant people. You do not need to be flexible or athletic from the beginning.


We have Hatha Yoga professionals, the most practiced style in the world. It is known as "physical yoga" and is ideal for beginners.


You don’t have to bring anything, you will find everything you need in our yoga center in Mallorca and our staff will guide you through the process.


Some benefits of doing yoga

The benefits are many, yoga is an autotelic experience, that is, it is pleasant in itself. In addition to this, most people begin to feel positive changes in their day-to-day health even after the first session. Some of these changes include:


- Decrease in anxiety, insomnia and tension.

- You can tone your body and improve heart resistance.

- Improved attention and response speed. This physical discipline combined with allows better awareness and perception.

- Increase emotional sensitivity, listening to what your body has to say and connecting with your self. This allows you to face the day with a better attitude.

- General well-being. While you release endorphins, you manage to calm your mind, reach a state of tranquility and inner peace in a matter of minutes. 

- You can also connect with nature by practicing it outdoors in a pleasant environment. 


Book your yoga holidays in the Balearic Islands


Don't miss out on this magnificent experience.


Turn on your inner light in this world full of darkness and make your way onto a path full of confidence, integrity and self-knowledge. Click here to check dates and book your hotel stay with yoga in the Balearic Islands. We are waiting for you!


January 19, 2021

How to have a luxury vacation in Mallorca

How to have a luxury vacation in Mallorca


Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is one of the favorite tourist destinations because of its exclusivity and beauty.


Considered the older sister of Ibiza, Mallorca has culture, history, the charm of nature and first-rate gastronomy all together.


It is no wonder, that big celebrities of modern history such as Charles Chaplin, Winston Churchill and Scott Fitzgerald visited the island regularly. And currently, many celebrities and famous people like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Rafa Nadal and Álvaro Morte visit Mallorca every year to rest in this paradise.


How to enjoy a luxury holiday in Mallorca:


Finca Serena’s team has prepared a small guide with how to have the best luxury vacations, developing the following points:


- Luxury tourism in Mallorca

- Best beaches

- Luxury gastronomy in Mallorca

- Luxury accommodation in Mallorca


Luxury tourism in Mallorca


Enjoy a luxury tour with the most emblematic sites, to begin with, we recommend starting in Palma, a magical city full of peculiar buildings and charming facades. From here, you can visit:


Mallorca’s Cathedral


Behold the grandeur of one of Europe’s tallest cathedrals. Its windows fill the interior with light creating a genuine spiritual atmosphere.


“La Seu” is a symbol of the city, a Gothic-style monument built in the 13th and 14th centuries. In the 20th century it was rebuilt by the famous architect Antonio Gaudí.


Royal Palace of Almudaina


Visit the official residence of the Spanish royalty during your stay in Mallorca. Here, in the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, you can take a trip back in time, to the 16th century. By entering the palace you will be surprised of how authentic and well preserved the decoration and furniture is.


Bellver Castle


It is the only castle with a circular shape in Spain, it is worth visiting. In addition there are recreational and cultural activities.

This castle was built in the 13th century by order of King Jaime II. From there you can find the most beautiful panoramic views that go from the hill to the Bay of Palma to the Tramontana


Tramuntana Mountain range

Take a tour of this 90 km mountain range. Make stops in Valldemosa, Deià, Sóller, Fornalutx, the Lluc Sanctuary and finish in Cabo de Formentor. 


Streets full of history, culture, and unmatched natural beauty.


The most exclusive Beach Clubs in Mallorca


The beach clubs like Purobeach Palma and Ponderosa Beach are where the most handsome, important and elegant people of Mallorca meet. The best thing is that these clubs are just a few minutes away from Finca Serena.


Luxury holidays on the beaches of Mallorca


On your trip to Mallorca, it is essential to visit the warm and crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea that bathe the coasts of the island. But with more than 250 white-sand beaches and secluded coves, it's hard to decide which one to spend a day on. Here we give you the most exclusive:


Cala Sa Calobra


This small cove is nestled in the Tramuntana Mountain range. It is difficult to access but you can enjoy some charming landscapes along the way.


It is a natural monument declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, it is worth visiting this beautiful cove in Mallorca.


And if you come on the first Sunday of July, you can enjoy an outdoor concert with an eclectic musical style that includes classical music, gospel, jazz, and movie soundtracks.


Es Trenc


Es Trenc it’s the most beautiful beach in Mallorca, it's fine white sand combined with its crystal clear waters make it seem like a corner of the Caribbean in the middle of the Mediterranean.


In autumn you can see the passage of migratory birds that is quite a spectacle, this protected area is where you can spend a lovely day and disconnect from the world.


Sant Vicenç


A small urban corner located in the northwest of Mallorca that preserves a romantic and elegant style around it. Here you’ll find 4 beautiful coves: Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbó, the latter being less visited due to the strong winds and conditions in the area.


Cape Formentor


Formentor beach is a few kilometers from Puerto Pollença, it is a crystalline and quiet beach, surrounded by pine forests.


This area of ​​the peninsula is affectionately called by its inhabitants as "the meeting point of the winds" because the winds of the Iberian Peninsula, the Atlantic Ocean, the European Alps and North Africa cross with each other here.


Cala Mesquida


Fine white sand beach belonging to the Mahón district. It is free of buildings and boats cannot anchor, so you can enjoy a lot of tranquility and beauty in this cove.


The best luxury restaurants in the Balearic Islands


Are you looking for a luxury restaurant in Mallorca?The island has no less than seven Michelin-starred restaurants and in addition to these, the island has some authentic little-known gastronomic treasures that provide you with excellence in both service and taste. Here we recommend some of our favorites:


- Racó des Teix located in the town of Deià.

- Jacaranda Restaurant. The authentic cuisine of chef Baltasar Rigo, whose dishes have a 5/5 score in the main review portals.

- Bens d’Avall,located on a beautiful cliff of Sóller, It has a terrace with a view at the height of the food that is served there.

- Ristorante Ribello with the best Italian food in Mallorca, it has a luxurious atmosphere.


Accommodation for a luxury vacation in Mayorca


We offer the best options for guests with an exclusive taste like you, to make your luxury vacation in Mallorca an unforgettable experience.


Come to this 5-star Hotel, Finca Serena Mallorca and enjoy all the luxury and relaxation of a quiet environment surrounded by nature and a service that will make you feel at home. For more information, click here.

January 15, 2021