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Retreat in Mallorca: disconnect to reconnect

A frenetic lifestyle can lead to stress, anxiety and other problems that affect our mental and physical state.

If we don't know when to stop, this can affect our health and psychological well-being. That's why more and more people are choosing to disconnect on a retreat, to get away for a few days to reconnect with body and mind.

Retreats usually focus on perfecting an activity or practice in a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. There are various types of retreats: spiritual, yoga, meditation, silence... all with incredible benefits for our mental and physical state. Here's what they have to offer!

Benefits of doing a retreat in Mallorca

Resting and getting away from the routine

A retreat of any kind means total disconnection from work, from family and financial obligations, from technology and, in general, from everything that causes us stress or emotional imbalance. The aim is to reconnect with ourselves while detaching from all earthly concerns. When we are unable to do this on our own, a retreat is the best way to get the rest we need.


Retreats are an opportunity to rejuvenate inside and out through yoga, meditation, walking, healthy nutrition, and body treatments. They are experiences that help you get some much-needed rest, promote your overall wellbeing, and improve your body's functioning. You will leave totally refreshed, ready to face the challenges of everyday life in a different way.

Get to know yourself better

It's not just about relaxing and escaping from everyday life, a retreat is also about looking inside yourself, learning new things to incorporate into your routine. With the silence of the mind, it is much easier to connect with your inner self and listen to its needs. This will help you find clarity in your life and gain a new perspective, which will be more positive.

Yoga retreat in Mallorca

At Finca Serena Mallorca we organise yoga retreats designed to improve your practice and give you time for yourself. Our next exclusive experience includes three nights' accommodation (14-17 March), as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner made with the healthiest local produce.

Enjoy five yoga classes that will take your technique to another level, as well as meditation and sound healing sessions, a cocoa ceremony and access to our luxurious Único Spa, the best Spa Resort in Spain. Soak in the heated pool, relax in the sauna or enjoy our wide range of massages and treatments.

Check out all our luxury getaways in Mallorca and enjoy an unforgettable retreat at Finca Serena.

Your hotel for a retreat in Mallorca

There is no better place for a retreat than our 5-star hotel in Mallorca, a luxury enclave located in a magnificent estate in the interior of the island surrounded by vineyards. Under the direction of chef Oscar Velasco, awarded with 2 Michelin stars, at our Jacaranda restaurant local and proximity product is the protagonist. We also invite you to taste our Mallorcan wines, produced on the estate with the best raw materials.

Book your stay at Finca Serena and enjoy an unforgettable retreat!

January 13, 2023