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The most spectacular places to dive in Majorca

Diving enthusiasts will find a true paradise in Mallorca. With a huge variety of marine life, the island's coasts are among the most breath-taking for diving and have become a preferred diving destination for professional and amateur alike 

Thanks to the many dive centres spread all over the island, Mallorca offers all kinds of diving excursions at any time of the year. The warm sea temperature, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and the island’s rich ecosystem make for an ideal environment for diving at all levels.  

The best diving areas in Mallorca 

Natural reserves, underwater caves, shipwrecks... We present you the best places to dive in Majorca to discover an impressive seabed: 

El Toro 

Probably the best-known area for diving in Mallorca, El Toro reserve features six dive sites suitable for beginners and advanced divers. Barracudas, groupers, stingrays, dentex, conger eels... you can dive among schools of fish down to a depth of around 40 metres. 

Cabrera National Park 

Just south of Palma is the natural reserve of the Cabrera archipelago, a totally uninhabited environment where marine life thrives. Access to the park is very limited, so it is advisable to booking in advance to be able to enjoy the richness of this well- preserved ecosystem.  

Sa Dragonera 

Dragonera Island is home to one of the best diving areas in Mallorca. Located in the Sierra de la Tramontana Mountain range, the island is characterised by its excellent visibility, with almost transparent waters and a seabed full of wildlife to discover. 

Isla del Sec 

On this small island in the Bay of Palma there are two shipwreck sites that provide a unique environment for diving, although visibility is lower due to its proximity to the port. There are diving sites at 30 metres, suitable for all divers, while the wrecks at 60 metres are only accessible to professional divers. 

Sa Madona cave 

Cave diving in Mallorca is one of the most recommended experiences, as there are all kinds of treasures hidden in the rock. Near Cala Llamp in Andrach lies the cave of Sa Madona, named after the sculpture of a Virgin Mary located 18 metres below the surface. 

Es Faralló 

Known as "The Big Cheese", this dive site is full of underwater tunnels, holes, and grottoes. It is a real delight for divers with a depth of 30 metres and crystal-clear water. The dive site can be accessed from Cala Ratjada on the north-eastern tip of the island. 

Where to stay for diving in Mallorca 

Diving in Mallorca is a must if you are on holiday on the island. Since this is such a popular dive destination, we recommend you book several weeks in advance, especially if you want to dive during the high season. 

Located in the heart of the island, the Finca Serena Mallorca resort has an excellent location within easy reach of the island's main dive sites. From our 5* luxury hotel you will be well connected to all of Mallorca's beaches and coves. And after a long day at sea, you can make the most of the services of our Único Spa to relax. Don't wait any longer, book your stay at Finca Serena!

July 21, 2022