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Yoga holidays in Mallorca

We all feel the need to recharge from time to time. And we must do so, not only because it is pleasant, but for our physical and mental health. That’s the reason why Finca Serena Mallorca offers different options for the well-being of its guests.

If you are interested, click here to check and book your date or keep reading for more information.

Free yoga sessions in Mallorca

The Hotel Finca Serena Mallorca offers free yoga sessions in the Balearic Islands for its guests. Here, you can disconnect from the outside and connect with your inside.

An atmosphere for disconnection and meditation in Mallorca

This place has 100 acres of landscapes and tranquility in the island’s center. In this calm and natural environment, you can enter a deep state of peace and relaxation while exercising your body, erasing all stress and negative thoughts from your mind.

Combine Spa sessions with Yoga in Mallorca

If yoga is not enough, you can mix it with an immersive spa experience of beauty treatments and massages at ÚnicoSpa. Enjoy your stay at our hotel with spa and yoga in Mallorca, the perfect combination of health and well-being.

Yoga Retreat in the Balearic Islands

From time to time, we organize the Serena Yoga Retreat of 4 days and 3 nights, with nothing but calm, happiness and great lessons to heal your mind, body and spirit.

Fill out this form and request information about the next dates of our yoga retreat in Mallorca.

What do you need to practice Yoga at Finca Serena Mallorca?

Contrary to what many think, yoga is an activity that everyone can do, as it adapts easily to the physical conditions and limitations of any person.

Yoga is accessible even for the elderly, overweight and pregnant people. You do not need to be flexible or athletic from the beginning.

We have Hatha Yoga professionals, the most practiced style in the world. It is known as "physical yoga" and is ideal for beginners.

You don’t have to bring anything, you will find everything you need in our yoga center in Mallorca and our staff will guide you through the process.

Some benefits of doing yoga

The benefits are many, yoga is an autotelic experience, that is, it is pleasant in itself. In addition to this, most people begin to feel positive changes in their day-to-day health even after the first session. Some of these changes include:

- Decrease in anxiety, insomnia and tension.

- You can tone your body and improve heart resistance.

- Improved attention and response speed. This physical discipline combined with allows better awareness and perception.

- Increase emotional sensitivity, listening to what your body has to say and connecting with your self. This allows you to face the day with a better attitude.

- General well-being. While you release endorphins, you manage to calm your mind, reach a state of tranquility and inner peace in a matter of minutes. 

- You can also connect with nature by practicing it outdoors in a pleasant environment. 

Book your yoga holidays in the Balearic Islands

Don't miss out on this magnificent experience.

Turn on your inner light in this world full of darkness and make your way onto a path full of confidence, integrity and self-knowledge. Click here to check dates and book your hotel stay with yoga in the Balearic Islands. We are waiting for you!

January 19, 2021