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Enjoy the serenity of our baths.

Since the times of the Ancient Romans, civilisations have understood the reinvigorating powers in the culture of Spa and thermal baths, combined with the natural aromas of vegetables in order to extend the sense of rest and relaxation. At Finca Serena we extend an invitation to visit our relaxation zone and thermal baths, where the following options can be enjoyed:

DRY SAUNA: Relax in a minimum humidity setting with the high temperatures that the body can withstand comfortably, surrounded by the aroma of pines. It will help open skin pores and eliminate toxins, as well as activate circulation. We recommend sessions of a maximum of 15 minutes.

HAMMAM: Unwind through an environment of high temperatures and 95% humidity, where you will inhale the exhilarating scent of eucalyptus, a refreshing aroma to clear the respiratory system and be renewed. We recommend sessions of a maximum of 15 minutes.

In order to take full advantage of the thermal area we recommend a cold shower after each session, and a leisurely rest afterwards. Recommended overall duration: 45 minutes.

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