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Discover Mallorca's Talayotic culture

Did you know that the island of Mallorca is home to monuments and archaeological remains of great historical value?

These date back to the Copper and Bronze Ages and belong to what is known as the Talayotic culture, shared with the sister island of Menorca. This period is characterised by a monumental architecture around which there are all kinds of theories, with the most characteristic element being the talayot. If you don't know what it is, keep reading!

What is a talayot?

Talayots are large earthen towers that were supposedly built by the first inhabitants of Mallorca. They are unique prehistoric constructions that have not been seen anywhere else in the world. These monuments resemble watchtowers and are built by stacking rings or squares of stones, forming circular or square buildings.

Researchers are still debating the origin of the talayots, both the time of their construction and their use, which some attribute to defensive purposes and others to religious worship. In Mallorca, traces have been found of 300 similarly distributed Talayotic settlements, indicating the abundant population of the island at that time.

The talayots of Mallorca: archaeological treasures

Mallorca's Talayotic culture is a true historical treasure that provides a temporary window into the way of life of the island's first settlers.

If you are interested in history and ancient civilisations, you should visit the talayotic settlements in Mallorca, which are still in very good condition. Touring the settlements is an excellent way to enjoy cultural tourism on the island. These are some of the best-preserved talayotic old towns:

Ses Païsses settlement

This is one of the most important and largest Talayotic settlements on the island, with a walled enclosure and very well-preserved constructions that can be seen with the naked eye. It is located in the municipality of Artá.

Capocorb Vell archaeological site

Another great example of the Talayotic culture in Mallorca, this settlement located in Llucmajor has an impressive area of 6,000 square metres, with groups of dwellings made up of various rooms. A total of five talayots are preserved here.

Necropolis of Son Real

Located in Santa Margalida, Son Real is a unique site and one of the most spectacular necropolus in the Mediterranean. It consists of a group of constructions by the sea that were used to bury the inhabitants of the time. There is evidence of both burials and cremations, and all kinds of objects have been found in the tombs that give clues as to the lives of the people who were buried there.

Son Fornés site

Located right in the centre of the island, Son Fornés is home to the largest talayot in Mallorca, measuring 17 metres in diameter and 3.5 metres high. This settlement is made up of 3 hectares of archaeological remains of great value, with two large talayots that were of communal use. Near the site is the Son Fornés Archaeological Museum, devoted entirely to the Talayotic culture.

Located in the municipality of Montuïri, this important archaeological site is only 5 minutes away from Finca Serena, the luxury hotel of Único Hotels in Mallorca. What are you waiting for to visit?

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October 20, 2022