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Taste the wines of Mallorca

Mallorca is not only one of the leading tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, but also a place with a long tradition of winemaking.

The climate conditions and the expert hands of the local farmers make the island an ideal environment for producing wines of high quality with a unique personality.

Here is everything you need to know about the wines and designations of origin (DO) of Mallorca, as well as the varieties we produce at Finca Serena.

Mallorcan wine, a Mediterranean jewel

Mallorca's vineyards take advantage of the good climate and its seafront location to give birth to a range of native grape varieties, which are in turn used to produce unique and highly valued wines. The Mallorcan brands stand out not only for their quality, but also for their environmentally friendly production.

There are currently two wine designations of origin (DO) in Mallorca: Binissalem and Pla i Llevant, which are produced in some 70 wineries all over the island. With over 500 wine brands of its own, Mallorca is a perfect destination for a wine tourism getaway, with a wide range of vineyard tours and wine tastings designed to discover the island's own varieties.

Finca Serena, 100% Mallorca wine

The ten hectares of vineyards of Finca Serena, where some of the best Mallorca wines are produced, are hidden in a dream setting in the heart of Mallorca. The island's mild climate and long hours of sunshine create the optimal conditions to produce our white and rosé wines, which stand out for their 100% organic origin and the care dedicated to every step of their production, from harvesting to bottling.

The wine produced at Finca Serena is distinguished with the geographical indication of Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca and made from the native varieties Premsal Blanc and Callet, although the estate's vineyards also grow the Giró Ros and Monastrell varieties. They all pass through the expert hands of the Mallorcan winegrower Tomeu Llabrés, who is responsible for extracting the best fruit from our vines without ever compromising the quality of the product.

Taste the best wines of Mallorca at Finca Serena

Si eres amante del vino, no te puedes perder la experiencia de degustar los mejores vinos de Mallorca en Finca Serena. Nuestro restaurante Jacaranda cuenta con una extensa carta de vinos que incluye variedades tanto mallorquinas como de otras zonas de España e internacionales. Disfrútalos en las lujosas instalaciones de nuestro hotel 5 estrellas en Mallorca con impresionantes vistas a los viñedos y olivos.

Disfruta de un oasis de calma en el centro de Mallorca alojándote en Finca Serena, un complejo ideal para una escapada a la isla. Descubre una variada propuesta de actividades deportivas, gastronómicas y de bienestar exclusiva para nuestros huéspedes.

No esperes más, haz tu reserva en Finca Serena y ven a descubrir los mejores vinos de Mallorca.

June 27, 2022