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The origins of paradise, archeological remains and legends

The Balearic Islands guard secret corners filled with history and legends where one can imagine oneself in times gone by, and how our prehistoric ancestors lived. Archaeological remains, prehistoric fortifications from the acclaimed Bronze Age that stand testament to the authentic places that today define Mallorca’s prehistory.

The Bronze Age was made up of two main phases; the Pretalayotic period (2,000 - 1300 B.C.) and the Talayotic period (1,300 - 123 B.C.). The first of which was characterised by its use of caves by the first inhabitants of the villages found on the island. In Mallorca caves can be found dating from this era within the outskirts of Alúcida. Unfortunately most of them have not been properly conserved but some of them can still be visited: the La Cova S’Hort de la Rectoria and two of the caves that form the La Solada grouping, where the Roman Amphitheatre can also be found.

We invite you to discover for yourselves the archaeological remains of these places that still characterise the populations of that time, how the ceramics of that period were transformed, how bronze was responsible for the hierarchy of that society.

Finca Serena offers the prefect place to get in contact with the origins of the Mediterranean civilization.

During the Talayotic period a very unusual building type was common, a type that can be still found today close to the hotel: the circular or square configured Talaiot.  Their importance is underlined by the circular Talaiots found of Son Simó, Oriolet and Sa Figuera Roja, as well as the square Talaiot of Son Siurana de Dalt.

May 26, 2020