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What to eat in Mallorca, the gastronomy you cannot miss

Mallorca, although its gastronomy has Mediterranean characteristics, has some distinctive features that make its cuisine unique.

Due to the history of the island and the different populations that have occupied it, there has been an influence on its culinary record, which stands out for the optimisation of local resources, highlighting the importance of vegetable and cereal cultivation, pig breeding and coastal fishing.

Try these 9 typical dishes of Mallorcan gastronomy

When you travel to Mallorca, don't forget to try its wide variety of traditional recipes. Governed by local ingredients, these dishes that make up typical Mallorcan food will leave you speechless:

  • Coca de Trampó

  • Arrós Brut

  • Tumbet

  • Mallorcan fried fish

  • Mallorcan snails

  • Mallorcan soup

  • The rustic bread and oil

  • Mallorcan Ensaimada

  • Mallorcan Gató

Mallorcan wine

Apart from its food, Mallorca also offers an exquisite presentation of wines under the denomination of origin ''wines of the land of Mallorca’’. Only wines made with grapes from Mallorca and bottled in the same production area can use this designation of origin. These ''wines of the land of Mallorca'' are clean wines with aromas that clearly show the grape origin. In the white wines, fruity and fresh aromas predominate; in the rosé wines, primary aromas; and in the red wines, powerful aromas rich in tannins.

At the Hotel Finca Serena Mallorca, we have 10 hectares of vineyards of Mallorcan origin (premsal blanc, callet, monastrell and giró ros), so that you can enjoy Mallorcan wine like nowhere else. In addition, in September we wrap up with our guests to celebrate the grape harvest with our winegrower Tomeu Llabrés, creating a special and emotional experience. Would you like to participate in our harvest next year? Book now this magnificent experience by contacting info@fincaserenamallorca.com.

Where to eat in Mallorca

Finding the best restaurant to try typical Mallorcan food is a challenge. For this reason, we show you some enclaves that offer a unique experience for you to enjoy Mallorcan gastronomy:

To taste the most traditional food, we suggest the following restaurants:

However, we also offer other alternatives such as the Michelin-starred restaurant Bens d'Avall in Deià, or other seafront restaurants such as the Sumailla restaurant or Las Sirenas restaurant. We also recommend you to attend gastronomic events such as the Fira del Pà amb Oli, held in March in Sa Feixina in Palma de Mallorca, where you can taste one of the typical preparations of Mallorcan food.

The Jacaranda restaurant by the chef Oscar Velasco

Located in the Hotel Finca Serena Mallorca (5*), the Jacaranda restaurant offers you an experience featuring the most authentic cuisine with local flavours by chef Oscar Velasco, who has 2 Michelin stars. The cuisine is based on produce grown in the estate's own orchards, fruit harvested from the trees on the premises, its own olive oil and a discerning choice of local produce from suppliers on the island of Mallorca. Thanks to its unique reinterpretation of traditional local cuisine, it offers a range of dishes of the highest quality and creativity, including Mallorcan-style sea bass, salmon tartare with Mallorcan trampó or grilled sea bream with vegetables from the garden.

The restaurant has four different spaces that promise magnificent experiences from multiple perspectives. The Greenhouse surrounded by vegetation, the Terrace of the Olive Trees with views of the Pla de Mallorca, the viewpoint among vineyards and the Jacaranda restaurant are ideal places for any celebration. Book your experience at the Jacaranda restaurant here, just half an hour from Palma, the island's capital.

Book your experience at the Jacaranda restaurant here, just half an hour from Palma, the island's capital.

October 28, 2021