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Yoga retreats in Mallorca

Yoga retreats are an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, get out of the routine and connect with oneself.

Yoga retreats are an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, get out of the routine and connect with oneself.

Their multiple benefits have made yoga retreats a very popular practice for those who need to relax and combat stress. Not only do they allow you to take a break for a few days, but they also serve to improve your yoga technique and internalise other healthy practices such as meditation.

If you are looking for an extraordinary yoga retreat in a unique setting, we recommend you join one of the retreats organised this year at Finca Serena Mallorca. Keep reading to learn all the details!


What does a yoga retreat consist of?

As the name suggests, yoga retreats are all about getting away from the daily routine and obligations for a few days to focus on yoga, meditation and other activities that promote inner peace and balance.

Retreats are usually held in a different location away from the big cities, usually in a natural environment. The aim is to completely disconnect and return to reality with full energy.


Yoga retreats at Finca Serena 2024

We invite you to enjoy a retreat in the peaceful and harmonious surroundings of our finca in the heart of Mallorca. Located just 20 minutes from Palma, our hotel surrounded by vineyards and olive groves provides the ideal space for a yoga retreat where you can relax, unwind and grow.

Less&Conscious by Finca Serena

This retreat is designed for those seeking to regain balance and connection between body and mind through yoga, meditation, healthy eating and other activities.

The experience includes 2 nights' accommodation at Finca Serena, full board with a healthy menu based on seasonal products, two yoga practices, a cocoa ceremony, a Mallorcan cooking workshop, a living cosmetics ritual, aromatherapy, meditation and access to Único Spa, among others.

Dates: 15 to 17 March 2024

Check here all the information and prices of the Less&Conscious retreat.

Yoga Retreat by Lina Jurevičiūtė

For yoga lovers there is no better opportunity to work on strength, flexibility and enrich technique than this four-day yoga retreat in Mallorca.

Suitable for all levels, expert Lina Jurevičiūtė will guide participants through several energising and restorative yoga sessions, alternating with meditation, Sound Healing and access to Único Spa.

The retreat also includes 3 nights' accommodation at Finca Serena, full board and inverts workshop.

Dates: 19-22 March 2024

Check here for all the information and prices of the yoga retreat.


Enjoy a yoga retreat in Mallorca

At Finca Serena Mallorca you will find an ideal luxury location for a transformative yoga retreat with unique surroundings and facilities.

In addition to the retreats, our 5-star hotel in Mallorca offers free yoga sessions for all guests taught by experts in Hatha Yoga, a modality with a traditional approach to tone the body, increase balance and learn to control the postures.

At the Único Spa you will find an unparalleled space for relaxation, considered the best Spa in Spain, where you can enjoy a few moments of rest and all kinds of massages and beauty treatments.

We also invite you to discover the gastronomy of the Restaurante Jacaranda, which offers a healthy cuisine experience with seasonal and local products, as well as a focus on the local flavours of Mallorca.

Book your stay at Finca Serena and enjoy an unforgettable yoga retreat.

January 31, 2024