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The best ensaimadas in Mallorca

You can't leave Mallorca without taking an ensaimada as a souvenir to share with family and friends. Mallorca's famous ensaimada is an exquisite traditional sweet that has captivated the palates of visitors from all over the world, becoming a true symbol of the island.

To try the best ensaimadas in Mallorca you must visit some of the most emblematic bakeries on the island. In this article we recommend some the best bakeries where you can buy this delicious Mallorcan sweet. But first, let us tell you a little about the origin of the ensaimada. Read on and take note!

Origin of Mallorca’s ensaimada

Known by their spiral shape and icing sugar coating, Mallorcan ensaimadas have an uncertain origin, although they are thought to have several centuries of history.

Some think ensaimadas have an Arabic origin, because of their turban shape and their name coming from the word saïm (animal fat), while other theories link them to the Jews because of their braided, rounded shape reminiscent of bulem bread.

It is known that ensaimadas were first made using basic ingredients such as flour, water, sugar and lard. Over the years, this recipe has been perfected and other ingredients have been added, such as cabello de ángel (sweet pumpkin pulp with sugar), cream and even chocolate.

How much is an ensaimada in Mallorca?

The price of an ensaimada usually ranges between 10€ and 20€ for medium and large ensaimadas. It all depends on the size of the ensaimada and the extra ingredients used in the filling. And if you don't want to get a big one, you can always try a small one for a much cheaper price!

Can I take ensaimadas through Mallorca’s airport checkpoint?

Although it is possible to buy ensaimadas at the airport of Palma, it's worth taking one of the best ones from the traditional bakeries recommended in this article.

You won't have any problems getting through Mallorca airport checkpoints with an ensaimada, although the airline may make you pay for the extra bag, so check beforehand to avoid any problems at the boarding gate!

Where to buy the best ensaimadas in Mallorca

There are many establishments famous for making the best ensaimadas in Mallorca. The truth is that the island has a wide variety of bakeries and pastry shops where you can buy this sweet. However, there are a few with a particularly good reputation.

The best ensaimadas in Palma de Mallorca

If you are looking for ensaimadas in Mallorca’s capital city, one of the most popular options is Horno Santo Cristo, one of the best places to buy ensaimadas in Palma de Mallorca. Located in the heart of Palma, they make ensaimadas the traditional way, preserving their authenticity and traditional flavour.

Another essential stop in Palma is Fornet de la Soca, a bakery with over 100 years of history in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood. Its ensaimadas, renowned for their quality and generous size, are highly recommended by locals and visitors alike.

This list must include the oldest bakery in Mallorca, Can Joan de S'Aigo, with three centuries of history and what is surely the best ensaimada in Mallorca (or so say those who have tried it).

Other places to try the best ensaimadas in Mallorca

If you are looking for a more rural experience, Forn de Sant Francesc, in the village of Inca, is an excellent place to buy your ensaimada. This family-run establishment has preserved the traditional ensaimada recipes for generations, and the result is simply delicious. No wonder it won the award for the Best Ensaimada in the World in the first edition.

In Llubí you will find Forn i Pastisseria Gelabert, a benchmark in the production of some of the best ensaimadas in Mallorca, as evidenced by the awards and distinctions received. And if you visit the picturesque town of Llucmajor, you cannot miss the ensaimadas of Forn Ca'n Tofolet, pioneers in the production of the carob ensaimada and the delicious crème brulée variety.

Another of the island's emblematic establishments is Can Salem, in Algaida, a signature bakery specialising in traditional Mallorcan pastries 100% handmade. Known for its variety of ensaimadas, you can try the crème brulée, truffle or cream varieties.

Finally, in the town of Valldemossa you will find the emblematic Ca'n Molinas pastry shop, where besides licking your fingers full of icing sugar you can enjoy the charm of one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. Here you can also try other Mallorcan pastry specialities such as potato cakes, so don't hesitate to go visit!

Come and try the best ensaimadas in Mallorca

There is a whole range of options to buy the best ensaimadas on Mallorca. Don't hesitate to visit one or more of these bakeries and try these delicious sweets that will transport you to the island's traditional flavour.

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July 18, 2023