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Discovering the charming villages of Mallorca’s interior

Spain is in reality a collection of different regions that offer varied landscapes, cultures, cuisines (and in some cases languages) to be discovered by the contemporary traveller.

Mallorca is no exception, in fact with its extraordinary location in the Mediterranean Sea the island has been colonised by successive waves of invaders who have left their mark on the natural and man made landscape.

The earliest settlements date back to the Neolithic period (6,000 – 4,000 B.C.) the archaeological ruins of which can still be visited today. The Phoenicians, the Romans and the Moors have all shaped the island’s heritage and if you look closely there are traces of their occupation to be discovered in the local architecture, culture and cuisine.

To uncover the hidden riches offered by Mallorca the inland villages are the perfect place to start. Far from the crowded beaches and busy streets of Palma.

On the doorstep of Finca Serena

The individuality and conservation of local landmarks is noteworthy to travellers to the villages of Mallorca, each offering something unique with its own identity and specific ambience. Here below we offer a few suggestions located in close proximity to Finca Serena that can be discovered during a morning or afternoon. Their attractions however should be savoured with the five senses, from arts and crafts to local cuisine, autochthonous wines, olive oils and other gourmet produce as well as historical churches filled with religious relics and paintings.

A cuisine that can be discovered through its patrimony

The traditional food of Mallorca is based on simple but nourishing dishes that feature local produce such as pork, fish and vegetables. Dishes like Sobrasadda (spicy pork sausage), Coca Mallorquina (pizza like flat bread), Trempó (tomato, onion and green pepper salad), Botifarron (fried blood sausage) and Ensaïmada (a spiral pastry with dusting of icing sugar), are all indigenous to the island. Mallorcan cuisine is of the landscape, evolved from the land and the people that work the land. Like everywhere else in Spain however its gastronomic culture has developed greatly over recent years and nowadays modern, cutting edge techniques have been applied to traditional dishes with results that will surprise and delight travellers.

Finca Serena: The perfect base

Using Finca Serena as a base the island’s attractions are all equidistant from its rolling plains. Here accommodated within a bucolic setting that captures the unique charms that Mallorca has to offer the air is heady with the perfume of fresh lemons, kitchen herbs, olive oil and rolling pasture. A healthy appetite is guaranteed and the hotel’s Jacaranda Restaurant features produce grown within the vegetable gardens of the estate’s 20 hectares. Whether indoors or outdoors visitors will get a taste of Mallorca with dishes inspired by its traditional cuisine made modern with the help of our local chef.

March 09, 2020