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Mallorca's most fascinating caves

Did you know that Mallorca has an incredible underground landscape? Mallorca's caves are one of the island's treasures, along with its beautiful coves with crystal-clear waters, which you cannot miss if you are visiting.

It is said that there are more than 200 cave systems in Mallorca, some underwater and others accessible from the surface; with freshwater lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, impressive rock formations and minerals. They are unique places of a singular beauty that you can visit on your own or with organised tours.

These are Mallorca's Caves you must visit

There is a wide range of caves to visit in Mallorca, which you can access on foot, by boat, diving... In this article we tell you which are the best caves in Mallorca and where they are located. Write them down and check them out!

Cuevas del Drach

Probably the most famous caves in Mallorca, the Cuevas del Drach are located in the town of Manacor, near Porto Cristo, and are one of the best examples of the island's underground heritage.

This system of four interconnected caves extends to a depth of 25 metres and contains a large underground lake, the Llac Martel, which can be crossed by boat. In addition to the usual visits, they offer live classical music concerts inside the caves, an unforgettable experience not to be missed when visiting!

Sa Gleda Cave

This underwater cave is known for being one of the most spectacular diving sites in Mallorca, so it is the perfect destination for the adventurous. The interior of the cave is impressive for its large dimensions: 13 km of labyrinthine galleries that reach a depth of 23 metres. In fact, this is considered to be the largest underwater cave in Europe.

Genova Caves

These caves are among the easiest to visit on the island as they are located right in Palma de Mallorca, the capital. They stand out for their colourful interiors, due to the wealth of minerals in their interior, and for the impressive cauliflower-shaped formations found on the inside. They can be visited in small groups of up to 25 people, descending to a depth of 36 metres, and are very accessible for families with small children.

Cueva Azul (Blue Cave)

If you fancy a boat trip in Mallorca, from the Port of Pollença you can get to this mysterious cave accessible only by sea.. Sa Cova Blava is one of the most magical places in Mallorca thanks to the reflections that the crystalline water forms on the walls. Bathing here is a fascinating experience that you will never forget.

Cueva del Pirata (Pirate’s Cave)

More difficult to access than the rest of Mallorca's caves, this virgin grotto located in Manacor is one of the island's best-kept secrets. You can get there on foot from Cala Varques in Manacor. Inside you will find benches to sit on and a beautiful freshwater lake. This cave is less frequented than the others, so it is a good option if you prefer to avoid the tourist groups.

Artà Caves

The Artà Caves are known for housing the Queen of Columns, a 17-metre stalagmite that is one of the largest in Europe. It is rumoured that this cave system inspired Jules Verne himself in his literary descriptions. Located in the town of Capdepera, in the bay of Canyamel, they can be visited all year round with guided tours departing every half hour.

Caves of the Hams

Located in Porto Cristo, these stalactite caves were the first to be opened to the public in Spain and are located on the southeast coast of the island. The impressive structures formed here resemble trees, forming an incredible stone forest that is well worth a visit. There is a documentary film screening as well as musical performances inside.

Discover the best caves in Mallorca

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April 18, 2023