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Grape Harvest Festival at Finca Serena

It’s about to be one of the best times of the year at Finca Serena: grape harvest day.

On the 21st of September, all our guests are invited to a very special tradition through which they can directly participate in the production of our 100% Mallorcan wines.   

Find out all the details about the Grape Harvest Festival of 2022 at Finca Serena, how we celebrate it and how you can participate. We are waiting for you! 

¿What is the Grape Harvest Festival? 

Every year, at the beginning of autumn, Spain celebrates its Grape Harvest Festivals. These popular festivities mark the time when the grapes are harvested and are unique to each town and village, with traditions such as pruning, grape treading and sampling of must, the freshly crushed grape juice. 

The Grape Harvest Festival is not only an important display of Spain's wine-growing tradition, but also a great opportunity to become familiar with the different steps and tasks involved in winemaking. 

Viticulture is also part of the DNA of Finca Serena, a 5-star hotel located in the very heart of a land made up of 10 hectares of vineyards, with the optimal conditions to produce the best wines. In this article we tell you all about the wines of Mallorca, with great quality and a unique personality. Are you ready to try them? 

Come and celebrate the Grape Harvest Festival of 2022 

We want our guests to be part of the history of our wines, which is why we have prepared our special Harvest Festival for the second year running. 

On September 21st, you will be able to live a unique experience by participating in the Finca Serena grape harvest together with the Mallorcan winegrower Tomeu Llabrés, a great grape expert. We invite you to discover all the secrets of the harvest with a complete programme of activities and surprises that includes: 

descubrir todos los secretos de la vendimia con un completo programa de actividades y sorpresas que incluye: 

  • An introduction to the grape harvest by Tomeu Llabrés 

  • Participation in the picking of the Premsal Blanc grape variety 

  • A gift of 6 bottles of wine made from the harvested grapes 

  • Harvest Festival with dinner and wine 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the Finca Serena grape harvest firsthand. After the pruning work, you will be able to taste our wines together with a traditional Mallorcan aperitif and a typical harvest dish called Fideos de es Vermar 

Contact us to book this experience. 

Taste the best wines of Majorca 

Are you a wine lover? Then you share Finca Serena's passion for viticulture. We lovingly grow the varieties Premsal Blanc, Callet, Giró Ros and Monastrell, which are picked entirely by hand and gently pressed during the harvest. All this is done to create white and rosé wines of the highest quality. 

If you want to try them, you can purchase them through our website or, even better, come and taste them in the vineyards of our 5* hotel in Mallorca. Make the most of this opportunity to enjoy the Spanish wine culture firsthand! 

We invite you to enjoy a few days of relaxation in Mallorca staying at Finca Serena, where you can also discover the gastronomic offer of the Jacaranda restaurant, under the direction of the prestigious chef Óscar Velasco. In your free time, lose yourself in the sensations of our hotel spa in Majorca, Único Spa, with exclusive treatments, sauna, and a luxurious heated pool. 

Check availability and book your stay at Finca Serena - we look forward to seeing you! 

September 16, 2022