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To live in the present with peace, serenity and the opportunity to follow our dreams. To create long-lasting bonds, connections and memories. To share our passion for things well done. To savour the moment and live it intensely. To discover to what makes us feel good and do it over and over again.

 Respect for the region’s heritage inspired us to plant only autochthonous varieties to produce a true, DO Tierra de Mallorca wine. Responsible, 100% ecological viticulture nurtures Premsal Blanc, Callet, Giró Ros and Monastrell varietals, while green pruning helps us get the best from the fruit. The expert hands of viticulturist, Tomeu Llabrés, provides rigour and a rich, Mallorcan authenticity to ensure consistently excellent wines.

 Harvesting is carried out entirely by hand in boxes of no more than 12kg. The grapes are carefully selected before entering the press to obtain the highest possible quality and we carry out a gentle pressing, with a yield of no more than 55% before racking, thus avoiding oxidation and the extraction of colour. We carry out cold racking and subsequent fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of no more than 20º. Finally, each variety is gently filtered.


White wine 

White wine made from selected grapes of the native variety 100% Premsal blanc. Great aromatic concentration reminiscent of white fruit, apple, pear, with hints of tropical fruit and aniseed. It stands out for its subtlety and elegance. Pale wine with light greenish hues. Fresh, balanced and pleasant.


Tasting notes 

Appearance: Pale greenish yellow colour.
Nose: Aromas of white fruit, fuji apple, pears, with a hint of tropical fruits, and an aniseed background. 
Palate: Balanced, with a subtle final acidity that lengthens the wine. On the palate aromas of white and herbaceous fruit, golden apple.



Rosé wine made from grapes of the native Callet variety. Pale salmon rosé. Floral, red fruit and balsamic aromas. Perfect to share with friends or to enjoy in a glass. High aromatic intensity.


Tasting notes 

Appearance: Pale salmon colour
Nose: Aromas of red fruit on a herbaceous and spicy base. Notes of fresh fruit. 
Taste: Balanced, with a subtle final acidity that lengthens the wine. On the palate red fruit aromas.